L. Appollis Attorneys Inc
has now also established its own specialist commercial real estate brokerage.
L. Appollis Attorneys Inc
When you need a personal, business or property lawyer, its time to call us.
L. Appollis Attorneys Inc
We combine a full understanding of your needs with the proper fulfillment of the optimum solution.
We specialise in:

Being a legal partner to clients in need of personal, business or property legal work.

These are the key areas of expertise through which we pass value to our clients.
We specialise in:

Finding innovative solutions to the legal needs of clients.Whether its personal , business or property, we'll get the job done!

These are the key areas of expertise through which we pass value to our clients.
L. Appollis Attorneys Inc.
has twenty-five years of experience in resolving clients' legal needs.

Our Pricing

As a boutique firm we offer competitive rates combined with a personal and dedicated service.

Our expertise and experience

Our obsession with resolving client needs started with our founder's connection to one of South Africa's largest and leading law firms, Silberbauers Inc. established in 1885.This was where he artlicled and spent a few years as a professional.To this day we pride ourselves on bringing skills, innovation and a can do attitude to all our clients' personal, business and property needs.

Contact Us

Contact us today for high value advice and strategically optimal solutions to all your personal, business or  property legal needs. Call Laughton on 060 673 0662 directly or reach us on our landline at 021 443 8123.

Welcome to

L. Appollis Attorneys Inc.

Our History : The firm was founded by Laughton Appollis in 1993.

Laughton did his BALLB at the University of Cape Town and articled at one of the country’s most prestigious law firms: Silberbauers Inc founded in 1885

Laughton continues to be the managing director of the firm and drives its continued focus on clients’ interests before all else.

Our Services

Personal, business and property legal services

Property Law

We specialise in property transfers and transactions, together with all related aspects of property law


The resolution of personal legal challenges, together with work related to the drafting of wills and estate planning, litigation or any client related legal challenge

Business problem-solving

We provide optimum advice, guidance and execution on any legal challenges you need resolved in your business

Strategic risk management and legal entity formations

We are leaders in the provision of advice related to potential pitfalls in the client's life or business trajectory and the execution around ideas to solve for ulitmate favourable outcomes.

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